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As a new first time mum I had spent hours anxiously googling and scrolling social media for answers and tips to ease my worries around my daughter’s sleep. I was also getting terrified about the 4 month sleep regression from talking to other mum’s! What I came across in those wee hours of the night was a lot of conflicting, confusing information, basically telling me I was doing things wrong which then added to my worry!
When I came across Lucy’s Instagram profile her words and approach really resonated with me.  Deciding to reach out and get in touch with her was the best decision for me. Not only is she wonderfully knowledgable about all things baby sleep related, she is warm, kind and compassionate. The face time consultation we had was like talking to a friend over a cup of tea. I came away feeling much lighter, with lots of information about what is normal, and ways I can gently facilitate my daughter’s sleep. I also now know I can reach out to Lucy for help again. This is a great comfort to me as not once has she made me feel like an over anxious first time mum.

Carly J

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