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About Me

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Lucy Bagwell

Certified Paediatric  Sleep Consultant

I'm Lucy, a holistic sleep consultant with a level 6 OCN certification - the highest level of qualification in this field. 

But first and foremost, I'm a mum. And ever since I endured my own sleep struggles with my son, Reuben, I have been fascinated by the intricacies of holistic sleep, and compelled to use my experience and education to help others on their journey.

I am constantly reviewing credible sleep studies and updating my knowledge of safe sleep guidelines and techniques; to this end I can give you the best responsive support to improve you and your little one's sleep and overall wellbeing. 

For more about my approach see below. 

A Holistic Approach

Sleep is influenced by your little ones biology, with external and environmental factors also playing a part. There isn't one single solution that works for every family. That's why it is paramount that we study your unique sleep situation and create a bespoke plan that works for you, your child and your home.

We do our best as parents. But a barrage of information, social pressures and 'norms' build immense pressure to go against your natural instincts. I will break down opinions and hearsay with evidence-based advice backed by the highest possible sleep accreditation, to give you support and empowerment throughout your sleep journey. 

I believe it is our job as parents to respond to our baby's cries with love and support. No child, or parent should ever be left to feel helpless.

For me, the solution is a series of gentle sleep techniques. 

Cry-it-out isn't a discussion point and will not be advised in our time together. 

If you feel we could work well together then please take a look at my packages, or contact me to arrange a free 15 minute call to discuss your needs. 


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