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This guide will walk you through every step to help get your partner or another secondary settler to settle your little to sleep.

You may just want a little support around naps, the occasional bedtime, or you'd like to work towards an equal split when it comes to settling. Whatever your goal, this guide has everything you need.

It’s extremely comprehensive which means you can pick and choose how much you wish to embark on, and move at a pace that works for your family.

Parental preference, or the struggles of settling being solely on one person, is one of the most common issues I come across on Instagram and in my 1:1 support. Therefore, I’m so excited to have an accessible and immediately downloadable guide ready for you all.

Introducing a secondary settler


    • From day 1
    • Parental preference
    • Attachment theory
    • Timing
    • Change


    • Getting on the same page
    • Trust
    • Plan


    • Calm and co-regulation
    • Connection
    • For older littles
    • Routine and joint settling


    • Naps
    • Bedtime
    • Night wakes


    • Settling
    • Other ways to help
    • Other caregivers



What families say

This gentle night weaning guide is just what I have been looking for! It is full of useful information to help your little one gently and supportively wean from night-time feeds. The advice is straight-forward with a lot of different options to help you navigate the process. Not only does Lucy offer night-weaning advice, she also makes you feel supported and confident in your own decision-making! Thank you for this fantastic guide!

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the confidence and help you’ve given us through your guide (Cot and floor bed). For the first time in 8 months I have my arms free in the evenings and I can eat a meal with two hands - go to the loo when I want - get up when I want - it’s all the little things you take for granted. My little boy has adjusted so well to being in his own cot in his nursery in just a week we’re in shock. Going from only contact naps and co sleeping. The change is honestly astounding and I’m so glad I read your guide - it just gave us all the practical info, prep and confidence to just give it a go without feeling the pressure or like we’d fail if it didn’t work first time (I really didn’t think it would). It’s made me a better mum and benefited my mental health so much - so huge thanks to you!!

As an Instagram follower of Lucy I love her ethos and advice. When she announced the night weaning guide it was something I was so excited to read as I’m approaching this with my daughter. Devouring it in one go ahead of my usual night wakings I finished it feeling like empowered and armed with the tools and knowledge to tackle night weaning.

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