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The Full Consultation - Multiples

Video/phone or home visit

If you have sleep issues with twins or siblings, I can work with you to create harmonious sleep habits for your whole family. 

Once we have decided to work together, I'll ask you to complete a detailed sleep diary and questionnaire that will help me to identity the multiple factors that may be affecting your infant's sleep. This will give me a greater understanding of your situation as a whole ahead of our consultation.

We'll then schedule a 60-90 minute consultation via video call, phone call or, if location permits, a home visit. We will have an in-depth discussion about your current situation, explore developmental and age-appropriate sleep expectations and talk through the gentle changes you can begin to introduce.

Within 48 hours of our consultation, you'll receive a tailor-made plan detailing the guidance advised in our conversation, with strategies and solutions to help you put the techniques into practice.

I will then schedule a 30-minute support call to review your progress and help you tweak any problem areas. I will be close at hand for two weeks following our initial consultation to give you support and encouragement over text and email.



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